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AUS 32 AdBlue® filling equipment for IBC

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AUS 32 AdBlue® filling equipment for IBC

Professional AdBlue® filling equipment with 5 meters EPDM hose, automatic fuel filling nozzle and AdBlue® pump.
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Item: AdBlue® filling machine for IBC

Product name
Automatic AdBlue Filling Machine
220V 50HZ
Max Flow
Max pressure


With 5 meters EPDM hose, automatic fuel filling nozzle and AdBlue pump

WL-50 turbine, Supply power:2 AAA batteries for 2 years; 1.5V
Measuring accuracy:
Flowmeter range
Power-off protection
Protection Grade
12 months

With high quality AdBlue® hose, automatic nozzle, flowmeter, diaphragm pump for filling 1000 Ltrs easily.

Easy operation simple, stable work, safe and reliable.

After energizing, simply turn on the diaphragm pump switch to start operation .

High quality AdBlue filling equipment with AdBlue pump ,hose ,nozzle for IBC

High performance AdBlue filler hose ,AdBlue pump for IBC

AdBlue filling equipment for 1000 Ltrs IBC AdBlue
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