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Development prospects of automotive urea solution

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Development prospects of automotive urea solution

With the rapid development of the automobile industry, automobile exhaust emissions have become a problem that cannot be ignored in the current environment. How to deal with the increasingly severe air pollution has become the subject of our discussion.

First let's look at a set of data:

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According to statistics, during the fifteen years from 2003 to 2018, the total number of private cars in China increased nearly 6 times, and motor vehicles emitted 44,000 tons of carbon monoxide, equivalent to 46 times the carbon monoxide emissions of industrial enterprises. The central point of the main traffic roads in the urban area exceeded 65% of carbon monoxide by more than twice the standard. At the peak of traffic flow, the concentration of carbon monoxide in some monitoring points was as high as 70mg per cubic meter, which was 6 times above the standard. At the railway station where the traffic is relatively concentrated, the average value of NOx measurement points is 0.059mg per cubic meter, which is 0.18 times higher than the standard.

The economic losses caused by environmental pollution in 2018 rose to 511.8 billion yuan, more than doubled, accounting for 3.05% of GDP. Among them, the environmental cost of air pollution was 219.80 billion yuan, accounting for 42.9% of the total cost.

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It can be seen that environmental pollution not only brings huge losses to the economy, but also more seriously harms human health and brings hidden dangers to our future social development.
In today's society where automobiles are prevalent, we must pay attention to the treatment of automobile exhaust emissions, increase the frequency of the use of urea solutions for vehicles, increase the public's attention to urea solutions for vehicles, and popularize filling equipment for urea solutions at various gas stations. Individuals devote themselves to environmental protection at the same time as daily convenience.

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Guangzhou Everblue Chemicals Company provide professional automotive exhaust treatment solutions, high-purity automotive urea solutions, the products provided are internationally certified, meet quality standard of ISO22241,DIN70070,obtained the ISO,SGS,VDA certifications,and only by using high-quality environmentally-friendly automotive urea solutions can we truly achieve the purpose of environmental protection, thereby improving the problem of air pollution.

Work together for a better environment!

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