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Factory direct sell high purity DEF 32.5% concentration with ISO VDA certificate for SCR system

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Factory direct sell high purity DEF 32.5% concentration with ISO VDA certificate for SCR system

The urea solution for vehicles is a colorless, transparent and clear liquid with a concentration between 31.8% and 33.2%. It is a liquid used in SCR technology to reduce nitrogen oxides in diesel exhaust. The currently used urea solution for vehicles generally consists of 32.5% high purity urea and 67.5% deionized water.
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    EB 1000L
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    Guangzhou China
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    Huangpu, Guangzhou
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This product is a NOx selective catalytic reducing agent. It is suitable for all IV (Euro IV) and above diesel engine SCR systems. This product is the standard configuration of SCR technology. - This product reduces nitrogen oxide emissions by converting it into nitrogen and water by selective catalytic reduction with NOX, while SCR technology can effectively reduce fuel consumption.

Storage Conditions

- Place in a cool, cool place, avoid direct sunlight, and have a shelf life of 2 years.

- When the temperature is lower than -11.5 °C, the vehicle urea will crystallize, the crystallization process will not destroy the vehicle urea, the concentration and quality after thawing will recover, and the thawing temperature should not exceed 4 °C.


- Urea for vehicles is a transparent, non-toxic liquid that is not classified as dangerous, safe to operate and harmless to the environment.

- Avoid contact with metal objects when filling, otherwise it will corrode the metal. Urea for vehicles is harmless to the human body and can be washed after contact.

- Do not join the tank as this will damage the engine.

- It is best to add an appropriate amount of urea to each maintenance, and do not wait for the alarm to be added, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble when restarting the vehicle control system due to the need for important new matching urea capacity.

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