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High quality AdBlue® EPDM rubber filling hose

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High quality AdBlue® EPDM rubber filling hose

High quality standard flexible EPDM filling hose for adblue® with 3/4" rubber suction. Free length for customer with the MOQ 20 meters.

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    Guangdong ,China
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    Huangpu ,Guangzhou
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    7 days after payment
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Item: ABlue® EPDM Hose 

 Inside diameter  19 mm
 Outside diameter  28 mm
 Working pressure  200 PSI
 Bend radius  120 mm
 Specification  3/4"
 Length  60m/piece(Available for tailored length)

Material :

 Hose rubber layer: Black environmental anti-aging EPDM synthetic rubber

 Enhancement layer: Polyester fiber

 Hose protection: Black anti-aging EPDM synthetic rubber

Durable EPDM rubber AdBlue hose for filling

Excellent quality adblue filling EPDM rubber hose


  High quality EPDM hose for AdBlue® filling 

EPDM hose For AdBlue filling

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