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Hot sale double nozzles four displays fuel dispenser for gasoline station

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Hot sale double nozzles four displays fuel dispenser for gasoline station

Effectively reduce the peak congestion and potential safety risk of oil station. The fuel dispenser with bright and large LED screen. easy to read. Double-confirm function on operation to prevent dispensing the wrong product.
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  • Product Origin:

    Guangzhou ,China
  • Color:

    Yellow / Red
  • Shipping Port:

    Huangpu ,Guangzhou
  • Lead Time:

    15 days after payment
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  • Application

Item : Fuel Dispenser 

 Nozzle  2
Applicable Mediums
 kerosene , diesel and gasoline etc
 Ambient Temperature
 Relative humidity
 Flow rate:  
 Inlet Pressure
 380V 50Hz(220V 50Hz for option)
 Unit Price Range
 Single Volume Range
 Accumulative Volume Range
 Explosion-proof Sign
 Exdmb ⅡAT3
 Explosion-proof Certificate

  • The fuel dispenser double-confirm fuction on operation to prevent dispensing the wrong product ;
  • Bright LED display with high reliability ;
  • With strong and flexibility filling hose.

Optional function:

Ticket Printer, IC Card Function, Gas recovery function.

High quality double nozzles fuel dispenser for gasoline station

Durable fuel dispenser big displays for filling diesel gasoline

                                                     Durable fuel dispenser in Africa

  •  For gas station , logistics park and etc.

                                         Top sale fuel dispenser for gasoline and diesel


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