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How important of water quality in AdBlue solution manufacture?

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How important of water quality in AdBlue solution manufacture?


The AdBlue solution demand in the world is increasing in a decay. Especially in Latin America continent,the AdBlue solution demand is rapidly increased in terms of Euro emission standards requirement. More entrepreneurs enter this market. However, the entry of barrier is higher than their estimation.  


Almost new entrepreneurs are tend to invest AdBlue manufacture rather than distributor. However, they are in trouble in manufacture technology. The definition of AdBlue is that AUS 32 aqueous urea solution consist of 32.5% of urea and 67.5% of deionized water. Therefore, the entrepreneurs designed the manufacture as simple dissolution of urea by hands. However, the product from simple manufacture is absolutely not satisfactory. The main reason of incorrect deionized water sample selection during manufacture.


The type of water selection in the AdBlue manufacture is deionized water, which is a type of high level purity of water. The non-satisfactory products are usually using tap water, drinking water and well water, that water quality is not appropriate. Three major parameters are representing water purity that is Total Dissolve Solid, conductivity and resistivity. The following table shows that TDS and evaluation:

TDS Level in part per million (ppm)


Between 50-150

Excellent for Drink







Above 1200



The higher purity water has lower TDS. TDS is not the conclusive parameter for water selection in AdBlue manufacture. And also, the parameter of conductivity or resistivity is important as well.

Water is conductor because metal ions and anions exist in the water, that means 100% pure water is non-conductor. Deionized water is that cations and anions are removed from water.

Therefore, the conductivity lower is better. The resistivity has inverse relationship with conductivity.

Types of water

Conductivity Value

Pure distilled and Deionized water

0.05 μS/cm

Rain or Snow water

2 to 100 μS/cm

Dringking water

200 to 800 μS/cm


50 mS/cm


Why normal water is not appropriated for AdBlue solution?

Firstly, the TDS value is too high. There are a lot of large particles dissolved in the water. Therefore, this type of water is not acceptable in all of industrial project. Secondly, the anions and cations are existing. The cations are harmful for SCR system, it is directly affecting the SCR working.



Finally, please take good care of your valuable trucks and luxury cars. Stop making AdBlue solution by hand for minimize the cost. 

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