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How to enter the market of AdBlue solution?

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How to enter the market of AdBlue solution?


1. How is the recently development of AdBlue market

1. Nowadays, CHINA Ⅳ and CHINA Ⅴ has been carried out several years, almost diesel vehicles obtain SCR system. As CHINA is announced, the market of AdBlue solution will be optimized.
2. The CHINA Ⅳhas been implemented since April of 2013. The early stage of large scale Adblue manufactures has been developed, and it market becomes more and more competitive. The most competitive player in this industry is small scale manufactures which are found since 2 years.
3. The SCR system becomes maturity under the development of  CHINA Ⅳ, CHINA Ⅴ and CHINA . The emission is under a strictly quality control, and more Adblue solution will be consumed. The quality factor becomes the most important, and worse performance manufacture will be eliminated.

4. The big challenge is comming. More entrepreneurs are focusing on Adblue market because more AdBlue demand under government policy.

2. How is further the development of Adblue Market

The early stage big scale manufactures have their advantages in the market, such as supply chain, chain of dispenser stations, all kinds of retail and wholesale markets and truck clubs.

A plenty of small scale manufactures are found, and it is directly effecting the whole market. However, its cover small distribution. Finally, the market becomes regionalization.

Online market is not widely supplying Adblue because of product restriction. The main function is advertising and reputation. Therefore, the main transaction is offline trading. There are two main roles in this business, which is regional distributor and factory outlet. Factory outlet is most because of regionalization.

3. How to enter the Adblue market
Diesel vehicles in CHINA will be eliminated rapidly after the CHINA standard are implement. It is a good moment to enter the market.

Layman is recommend to sign a contract of distribution partner with well-known enterprise .This is option that steady and positive as well as brand reputation. The manufacture will provide technical and production support, it is helpful for maximizing market.

Huge different pricing depends on brand positioning. Therefore, multiple brands with different pricing market is suggested.
Adblue solution is a supplement with all kinds of vehicle accessories, such as diesel engine oil, glass cleanser, antifreeze solution and vehicle services. All kinds of production are advised for diversification product and service.

4. How to self-manufacturing Adblue

Investors should enter the market with Adblue production. Self-manufacturing is decided as long as achieve amount of sales in order to decrease the cost.

The best option: cooperation with well-known manufacture, and establish branch company or branch factory.

The steady option: franchise with company who obtain production of machine and solution.

High Risk: Self purchase and self-manufacturing

5. Attentions

Do not purchase Adblue manufacture machine individually
The department of Adblue manufacturing quality control does not exist in China. There are all kinds of Adblue solution come out with different types of equipment, and its quality is hard to differentiate by layman.

The certification of Adblue manufacture is difficult to be applied. The basic standard of environmental evaluation and ISO system require a typical factory.

However, the quality control department of Adblue production is in maturity stage. The production will be banned whether it cannot be pass the quality inspection.

Small scale manufactures are not achieve the certification, and it only supply to private truck driver. More and more competition in B2C market cause price difference and extremely low profit.

6. How to select the Adblue manufacturing equipment?

Nowadays, there are not professional department for supervision of Adblue manufacturing equipment. Therefore, there are not involved certification. More comparison of different brand is necessary.
Do not invest the business with a huge amount of franchise fee, which comes with free manufacturing machine. The quality of machine in this business is not ensured.

Do not purchase equipment from the business which are not dealing with Adblue solution market, because they do not understand the customer needs and helpless in further development.

The manufacture equipment is not costly, and the additional raw material should not be purchased. The reason is that quality not be approved and bad for long term development.
Whether the actual pricing is 2-3 times higher than inquiry price, this product should not be purchased.

Do not purchase the products are much lower pricing because of lower quality.

Do not purchase the products that were displayed in field trips. Please focus on field investigation.

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