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Intelligent Skid mount AdBlue® filling machine dispenser for IBC

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Intelligent Skid mount AdBlue® filling machine dispenser for IBC

Specifically intelligent AdBlue® filling dispenser for Intermediate Bulk Container or high-capacity package. Applicable to logistics park etc.
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    Guangzhou ,China
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    Huangpu ,Guangzhou
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    15 days after payment
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Item : Intelligent Skid mount AdBlue® dispenser for IBC


1200(L)x1500(W)x1500(H) mm+

600(L)×380(W)×850(H) mm

Gross weight:

160 kg

220V 50HZ
Transmission hose, special electric urea pump for export, special flowmeter for stainless steel urea, plastic solenoid valve, stainless steel self sealing filling gun, computer control module, keyboard and display screen.

1.Quantitative (liter) injection, fixed amount added injection and non quantitative annotation;

2.record the number of single refueling and the accumulative quantity;

3.Fill up to stop, prevent overflow.

4.Remote monitoring (device location, filling time, number of refills, reload amount, back-end export excel list for data analysis, remote lock)

Filling accuracy
Flow range
Fixed refueling station:
bus company ,transportation company , logistics park , etc.


  • suitable for the IBC barrel , beautiful in appearance, 
  • equipped with special filling port, 
  • easy to assemble and transport, 
  • no bolts are required for assembly ,two people can be installed in 2-3 minutes ,

Skid-mounted shell dispenser for 1000 Liter IBC
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