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Diesel Exhaust Fluid Urea Solution


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Large liquid crystal display AdBlue® dispenser for cars

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Large liquid crystal display AdBlue® dispenser for cars

AdBlue® fuel dispenser with ration/non-quantitative filling and anti-overflow automatic nozzle with the best price.
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    Guangzhou ,China
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    Huangpu ,Guangzhou
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Item : AdBlue® dispenser

 Function description

 Ration/non-quantitative filling, Anti-overflow automatic nozzle ,

 Computer controlled ,Large liquid crystal display

 Urea pump , Urea flowmeter, Stainless steel solenoid valve,  Urea hose
 Unit price setting range:
 Horizontal distance:
 Vertical distance:


  •  Latest fashion aesthetic design
  •  Various models for easy configuration and plenty of functions
  •  Application : apply for filling AdBlue® / DEF / AUS32
  •  Bright LED display with high reliability. 
  •  Back light touch keys and the intelligent human-machine interaction

High quality AdBlue dispenser for gas station
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Highly praise practical AdBlue® fuel dispense with double nozzles for filling AdBlue® / DEF / AUS 32 at gas station and logistics Park.

Liquid Urea Solution

23000L Flexitank Liquid Urea Solution AUS 32 Urea AdBlue®

AdBlue® is a diesel exhaust fluid used in modern trucks that have a selective catalytic reduction(SCR) system. Using AdBlue® in line with manufacturers' requirements and a catalytic converter reduces the level of oxides of nitrogen emitted from engines.

Euro Ⅴ adblue® urea fluid for SCR

Custom various packaging solution AdBlue® DEF solution 10L

NOx-reducing consisting of high purity urea and deionized water. AdBlue® / DEF can be use in all SCR emission control systems.

VDA AdBlue® Urea Liquid

VDA AdBlue® Liquid DEF For Euro IV and Euro V SCR System 10L Package

AdBlue® is a liquid solution of urea, and when it meets a hot exhaust system it releases ammonia which is a catalyst to a chemical reaction that converts dangerous NOx into two harmless products – water vapour and nitrogen.

Large Capacity 2000L AdBlue® Dispenser

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EB-Shell-2000L Unattended Self-service AdBlue® Dispenser with shell, supports WeChat, Alipay, IC card payment, small ticket printing, comes with 2 ton heat retaining storage tank.

High standard def AUS 32 urea fluid to reduce emission

Manufacturer supply scr adblue® Diesel exhaust fluid

AdBlue® manufacturer direct supply high quality DEF ( Diesel exhaust fluid ) for SCR system to reduce emission 

EB's AdBlue dispenser 1200L - 2000L

Mounted AdBlue® shell dispenser 1200L - 2000L

Detachable split combination for easy transportand and lower transportation costs . With the function of remote management to modification of parameters.


New Appearance Configuration Upgrade DEF/AdBlue® Production Machine

Everblue chemicals have introduced the most advanced manufacturing process from Australia with high level quality control system,this automatic production machine is size 2 cubic meters with steady production capacity of 600L/hour.

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