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Marine AdBlue® aqueous urea solution AUS 40

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Marine AdBlue® aqueous urea solution AUS 40

Aqueous Urea Solution (AUS)  40 is the Marine Grade Urea Solution for marine applications where Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system is used to reduce emission requirements.

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    Guangdong ,China
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    Huangpu ,Guangzhou
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EverBlue Chemicals AUS 40 for marine cargo to reduce emission

AdBlue® Aqueous Urea Solution (AUS) 40

 Item No .  EB-AUS40IBC
 Package  1000 Liter
 Net Weight  1112 KG
 Gross Weight  1172 KG
 Application  Ship / Cargo / Marine

AdBlue Aqueous Urea Solution AUS 40 for marine

  • Combined with SCR technology,the fuel consumption can be effectively reduced the emission of nitrogen oxides and solid particles automobile exhaust by using AdBlue® AUS 40
  • EverBlue® AUS 40 Urea Solution is produced to the highest purity and quality.
  • Provided 1,000 Ltrs  (IBC) tank and 23,000 Ltrs flexitank  of AUS 40 AdBlue® / DEF 
  • Application : All SCR systems in marine.

Marine Aqueous Urea Solution (AUS) 40

AdBlue AUS 40 for ship to reduce emission

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