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Diesel Exhaust Fluid Urea Solution


  • SCR accessories

    SCR accessories

    Provided SCR accessories such as urea pump ,urea injector nozzle and urea tank etc .And the domestic market provided comprehensive after-sales service ,including the inspection and maintenance of SCR system .

  • Technical Grade Urea

    Technical Grade Urea

    High quality technical grade urea meet the ISO 9001 standard with nitrogen 46.5% for AdBlue® . The packing is 1000 kg per bag. One 20'ft container with 20 bags.

  • AdBlue® Quantitative Filler

    AdBlue® Quantitative Filler

    Prodessional AdBlue® filling machine for gas station ,logistics park . Easy and quick operation with good appearance . With quantitative filling function ,available optional IC card and printer function.

  • AdBlue® dispenser

    AdBlue® dispenser

    High performance AdBlue® dispenser easy to filling for gas station . We provided the high quality AdBlue® dispenser of single or double nozzle with double or four displays. Apply for gas station , logistics park and etc.

  • Skid-mounted AdBlue® Dispenser

    Skid-mounted AdBlue® Dispenser

    OEM labeling skid-mounted AdBlue® dispenser to Singapore . We provided the shell AdBlue® dispenser of 1000 ltrs to 2000 ltrs.

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