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Regular maintenance of vehicles

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Regular maintenance of vehicles


The problem of vehicle failure caused by AdBlue crystallization is a pain that many users have experienced, in fact,this is partly due to user maintenance and misuse.

                        SCR system AdBlue DEF Urea solution

The following are several routine maintenance;

1. It is necessary to fill the diesel and AdBlue / DEF / Urea solution produced by regular manufacturers, excessive impurities and other component problems may damage the catalytic converter;

2. Regular replacement of urea filter, gas-driven urea pump, air-assisted urea pump also regularly replace the air filter;

3. The inside of the AdBlue tank is easy to accumulate impurity deposits and crystallization, so to be regularly cleaned, while the outside of the urea tank should also pay attention to cleaning, especially around the lid of the tank, do not let the booty fall into the tank when filling;

4. AdBlue nozzles, lines, etc. will also appear crystal clogging phenomenon, it is recommended that users in accordance with the manufacturer's recommended maintenance cycle to the service station for inspection and maintenance.

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