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Several reasons why the AdBlue® lamp lights up

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Several reasons why the AdBlue® lamp lights up


If the diesel truck has an SCR system, it must use AdBlue® to meet the exhaust emissions. The AdBlue® lamp still shows if the AdBlue® is used, which may be caused by the following reasons:

There are several reasons for this:

1. The content of impurities in AdBlue® exceeds the standard and is unqualified.
2. AdBlue® was contaminated twice during the filling process and resulting in impurities exceeding the standard.
3. AdBlue® storage temperature is too high then resulting in decreased AdBlue® quality
4. The use of poor quality AdBlue® has caused blockage of nozzles and conduits in SCR systems and it cannot normally spray AdBlue®.

5. AdBlue® tank is lower than the forbidden line and AdBlue® needs to be added.

EverBlue Chemical always provide the high quality AdBlue® for the user.

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