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The Effect of using low quality diesel exhaust fluid/urea solution

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The Effect of using low quality diesel exhaust fluid/urea solution

Inferior urea is a class of products with many impurities, whose quality does not meet the quality standards of automotive urea solution.
1. The most common content of impurities are biuret, aldehydes and insolubles, which will block the SCR system and damage the nozzles, filters and other parts.
2. In addition, the metal ions in the impurities have a toxic effect on the catalyst of the SCR system, which affects the efficiency of catalytic reduction. This damage is irreversible.
3. In the end, the deposits generated after the burning of the inferior urea solution not only cause blockage, but also reduce the life of the catalyst. And the low concentration of urea solution will also affect the conversion rate of nox, which lead the fast consumption of the urea solution. At the same time, the crystallization point of the urea solution is unstable, which will also block the pipes, nozzles and urea pump.

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the unsteady low quality urea crystalization block the urea tank.

How to avoid unqualified urea?

1. Raw materials meet the ISO22241 standard (AGU)

2. The production process is up to ISO22241 standard

3. Strictly follow the storage and transportation standards, use within the shelf life, observe the color of product before use, and detect the concentration, etc.

the low quality urea lead the toxic three-way catalytic which is irrversible

How to choose high quality urea solution

1. Choose a big brand

2. Look at the inspection report, ingredient list, quality standards and certification

3. Look at the production date and shelf life

4. Look at the appearance: transparent and pure, with a light blue color. Such as yellow or turbid color, or impurities and foreign matter in the solution, are all substandard products.

5. Use a concentration detector to detect: the concentration is 32.5%

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