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The Harm of PM

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The Harm of PM


MP (particulate matter) is extremely harmful to the human respiratory system and can cause chronic lung disease or carcinogenesis.

The PM component is mainly composed of solid soot, soluble organic matter and sulfate.The soluble organic matter in the discharged particles has a mutagenic effect, and more than 90% are carcinogenic substances.

In addition, PM can also cause chronic lung disease in humans. Due to the small particle size of the diesel exhaust particles, the statistics show that 90% (mass percent) or more of the particles are less than 1 μm.These particles are suspended in the air for a long time, which increases the chance of contact with the human body and increases the particle size. Opportunities to participate in other chemical reactions in the atmosphere. In addition, the city's smog is also related to particulate matter.

Fine particles are the main cause of ash weather. Motor vehicle emissions increase rapidly due to the rapid growth of motor vehicle ownership. The more fine particles such as PM2.5 accumulate in the air, the more dusty the weather will be.

Therefore, the NOx and particulate emissions of diesel engines have an inestimable harm to human health and the atmospheric environment, which limits the development of diesel engines. All countries in the world are committed to reducing the research of these two emissions.

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