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Trolley AdBlue® filling equipment for 200 Liter drum

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Trolley AdBlue® filling equipment for 200 Liter drum

Trolley AdBlue® filling equipment is equipped with pump ; filling nozzle ; PVC connection pipeline ; hydraulic lifting system .
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    Guangzhou ,China
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    Huangpu ,Guangzhou
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    14 days after payment
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Item : AdBlue® filling equipment for 200 Liter drum

 Gross weight
 Power supply
 220V 50HZ
 WL-50 turbine ; Supply power:2 AAA batteries for 2 years ; 1.5v ;Measuring accuracy:0.5%
 Flowmeter range
 Max flow
 Max pressure
 12 month

  •   Hydraulic lifting system makes easier transportation.
  •   Convenient and simple operation.
  •   The AdBlue® filling equipment with filling nozzle , trolley , discharge tube , urea pump , flowmeter for 200 Liter drum.

High qualit AdBlue trolley filling machine for 200 Liter drum

New type with quantitative function :

Trolley AdBlue filling machine with quantitative filling

Specially trolley filling tool for AdBlue 205 Liter drum
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