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What is AdBlue® Emulators

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What is AdBlue® Emulators


A business had been found using an AdBlue® emulator to one of its vehicles, which the transport commissioner described as being equal to "using a magnet to interrupt a tachograph".

AdBlue® is a fluid that is injected into diesel exhaust gas and which at high temperatures turns to ammonia and carbon dioxide, which helps to convert NOx into nitrogen and water.

Vehicles in frequent use can require the fluid, which is contained in a tank adjacent to the diesel fuel tank, to be topped up regularly.

The fitting of the emulator device returned the vehicle's NOx emissions to Euro III standard and would have increased the vehicle's emissions by two and a half times at the worst.

The long-term non-operation of SCR system will cause the remaining urea crystals to block the pipes and nozzles, and the long-term lack of liquid soaking will reduce the life of the parts in SCR system or even damage, and the catalyst will lose its catalytic effect. The cost of components is much higher than the cost of using AdBlue®, which actually increases the cost of drivers.

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