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Various volume AdBlue® Urea Tank for SCR system

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Various volume AdBlue® Urea Tank for SCR system

Provide volume of 10 L ,25 L, 35 L, 45 L,80 L Urea Tank with vent valve and regular lid for customer to choose. 
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    Guangzhou ,China
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    Huangpu ,Guangzhou
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Item : Urea Tank



Gross weight
 Manual injection and automatic injection
Output information
 Resistance signal ; voltage signal ; current signal or CAN bus signal.
 selected with Amp, Delphi, Tyco, or other brands
 Length, connection mode, joint, alarm position
 EURO IV,V VI Bharat Stage,EPA 2010, state IV,V requirements


 Different sensors for different climates
 High strength engineering plastics, corrosion resistance to alkaline liquid, ISO22241 standard


 Multiple functions integrate into one:

    AdBlue® storage:

          AdBlue® level detection and alarm

          AdBlue® absorption back

          Temperature detection of urea

          AdBlue® filtration

The balance of body inside and outside air pressure.

Manual filling of error proofing

High quality urea tank for storge AdBlue for scr system

Detail structure of urea tank for SCR system in diesel car

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