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Diesel Exhaust Fluid Urea Solution




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    Daily Maintenance & Working Principle of SCR Post-treatment System

    At present, SCR post-treatment system has been widely used in various types of commercial vehicles, but most truck users have insufficient understanding of the system and daily maintenance experience. Today, we will briefly introduce the working principle of the system and the matters needing attention in daily maintenance. - Working principle of SCR post-processing system SCR technology, namely s...
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    Storage and handling of AdBlue® in extreme conditions

    AdBlue® may be used under all regular weather conditions. It is however essential that the purity of AdBlue® is ensured throughout the supply chain and when stored at a home depot. To some extent AdBlue® is sensitive to extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. The solution will freeze if its temperature falls below -11°C, and the urea content can decrease if stored at temperatures in e...
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    Centennial Chamber of Commerce Sharing Exchange

    Guangzhou Everblue Chemicals Co., Ltd. welcomes members of the Chamber of Commerce to exchange ideas with us, the purpose is to share customer development experience and business negotiation skills, so as to provide better services for customers, understand respective advantages and disadvantages in customer management process, learn from each other and make progress together. Yesterday afternoon,...
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    AdBlue Crystallization

    Introduction As the emission standard of European is announced, Adblue solution becomes a controversial chemical production. The main purpose of Adblue is reducing Nitric Oxides in the emission of diesel engines. Therefore, a series of environmental issues will be decreased. However, a plenty of truck drivers are not willing to purchase this solution due to higher cost of delivery.    Th...
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    AdBlue Solution Becomes Necessity of Trucks

    Nowadays, the environmental problem is highly concerned around the world. The problem of Global Warming, Greenhouse effect and Photochemical Smog are emphasized over 15 years, but it becomes worse and worse. Although the national solutions were announced, tragedies are never stop. As recently decades, the development of motor vehicle is growing rapidly. The traditional domestic car were ...
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    Update Packaging of Adblue welcome inquiry

    After more than ten years of experience in the industry, we have found the best-selling and satisfied customers in the market. With this 1.89L package, we can help you find more potential customers, whether it is a gas station, a dealer, or even a convenience store. This product can be distributed, allowing more customers to access the urea solution for vehicles and participate in the environmenta...
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    EGR(Exhaust Gas Recirculation) & SCR(Selective Catalytic Reduction)

    There have been two approaches to regulatory compliance: EGR and SCR. EGR was implemented January 1, 2007 and SCR was implemented January 1, 2010. EGR was able to meet the Federal Standards for 2007, but not able to meet the new standards for 2010. In 2007 the Emissions Standard was 1.2 NOx (g/hp.pr) and it could be reached using EGR technology, but January 1, 2010 this standard dropped to .02g/HP...
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    Existing AdBlue Quality Standards

    In the international standard defining DEF (ISO 22241), it is referred to as AUS 32 (aqueous urea solution 32%). DEF is also sold as AdBlue, a registered trademark of the German Association of the Automotive Industry. Several existing standards for urea for major vehicles are as follows ; 1. International Organization for Standardization ISO 22241-1:2019 Diesel engines — NOx reduction agent AUS 32...
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    Importance of AUS40 for ship

                         China's economy continues to develop rapidly and the demand for oil resources continues to grow in recent years. According to statistics, China's oil consumption in 2013 was about 490 million tons, resulting in more and more significant air pollution. The severe haze in winter in some cities of China has become more and mo...
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