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  • The Relationship Between AdBlue & Euro 6 Standard

    The Relationship Between AdBlue & Euro 6 Standard


    Most countries and regions have enacted air quality protection standards that regulate vehicle pollutant emissions. The Euro standards (Euro 1 to Euro 6) regulate pollutant emissions from passenger cars. Manufacturers must comply with them to sell their vehicles in Europe. Since September 2014 and the introduction of the Euro 6 standard, all new diesel passenger car are equipped with a nitrogen oxide (NOx) after-treatment system. The system most favoured by car manufacturers is the catalyst SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction). This system works with AdBlue®, a product based on urea and demineralised water. Injected into the exhaust gases, AdBlue® reduces almost all nitrogen oxide emissions. AdBlue® is a Diesel exhaust fluid for vehicles equipped with SCR technology. Made up of 67.5% deionized water and 32.5% high-purity urea, it meets the requirements of the ISO 22241 standard. AdBlue® is stored in an auxiliary tank separate from the Dieselfuel tank.

  • How to purchase and distinguish satisfactory AdBlue solution?

    How to purchase and distinguish satisfactory AdBlue solution?


    As the diesel fuels in Euro 4 and higher standard is available supplied in European, America and Asia. AdBlue is also available in almost petrol stations and retail shops of lubricants and additives. There are over thousand brands of AdBlue solution is on sold in offline store and E-Business store, because its demand will be increase rapidly in the upcoming decay. More and more niche brands enter this industry. However, the selection of satisfactory AdBlue solution becomes a big problem for truck drivers and diesel car fans. There are so many SCR failure problems appeared. The main reason of SCR failure is that poor quality of AdBlue solution consuming. The most failure is AdBlue Crystallization, blocking AdBlue tank and blocking spray. The correct brand selection helps drivers to minimize SCR failure. Almost well-known brands of AdBlue solution have achieved ISO 22241 and VDA certificates. Do NOT purchase the AdBlue solution without these two certificates. There are 3 major factors that distinguish a satisfactory AdBlue solution. The concentration of urea, aldehyde content and biuret content. The most important factor is the concentration, and it is not difficult to measure. The AdBlue solution refractometer is operated that use friendly and accurate. According to the ISO 22241, the concentration should be in a range of 31.8% - 33.2%. If the sample is out of this range, it should not be purchased. The sample test of aldehyde content and biuret content must be operated by professional laboratory.

  • AdBlue Production Machine

    AdBlue Production Machine


    Smart AdBlue Production Machine The plant is conceived to deliver 1,000L/h of permeate stream with an electrical resistivity ≥10 MΩ.cm, starting from 2.0 m³/h of raw water with a maximum concentration of ions of about 800 mg/l (TDS) and conductivity is less than 1500µS/cm. The entire system (demineralization and AdBlue production stages) is handled by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) which manages among other things:  Flow of permeate and concentrate streams based on electrical conductivity.  Quality of the product in accordance with the measurement of the weigh scales, the precision is 0.3%.  The PLC can be connected to the Internet, and all condition of the machine could be checked remotely by our engineers. The scope of this phase is to filling AdBlue into 5L, 10L ,20L bottles by manual operation. The filling machine contains an IBC tank on a weight scales, a circulation pump, a spray nozzle. The filling machine is also connected to the main machine, which condition can be monitored by PLC. In this phase, the compressed air is needed to control the spray nozzle. The pressure of the compressed air: 4-6 bar. Capacity: 1000L per hour. Power: 370W. Capacity:According to the customer needs to customize the output of the machine. Application place:Large and medium sized gas stations,AdBlue filling stations,logistics parks,parking lots,high-speed service stations,fleet logistics companies,etc. Function: 1.one key start,automatic running 2.control running,remote reminder 3.equipment control,fault query 4.automatic alarm,stock query 5.quality detect,capacity query Advantages compared with traditional production unit 1.Reduce cost,small cover area,small investment,high return,distribute model from material to machine,far reduce the logistic cost compared with selling urea solution 2.Intelligent operation,one button start,high efficiency,one person operation,part time operation. 3.Brand and certification coverage,chain operation.like McDonald's and KFC,the same raw materials,the same equipment,the same production process,and ultimately produce the same quality AdBlue,simple management,repid reproduction. 4.Quality assurance,intelligent control production,modular,real-time online detect production process,Quality monitoring by internet cloud. 5.Quick and easy installation,it has quick interface,no need engineer to install in the factory,reduce installation cost.

  • Analysis the development trend of urea solution

    Analysis the development trend of urea solution


    1. How did urea solution rise? First of all, those who are motivated lead the world. Everyone knows the leading energy of power and fuel in the industrial society. Whether it is daily travel or trade and transportation, it is inseparable from the power system. Gasoline has become old and solid. The advantages of diesel become more obvious, but diesel is still some limitations. So the urea solution came into being. 2. What vitality does the urea solution inject into the industrial system? As we know, urea solution first became popular in western developed countries. They value environmental protection and quality of life. While improving efficiency, they also pay attention to the development of air clean and green energy. Urea solution is an indispensable supplement for diesel systems. The urea solution has injected new vitality into the diesel system. 3. The development trend of urea solution in China Combined with local characteristics, the development of urea solution in China has gone through several stages of exploration, and now it has been initially mature. While ensuring quality, it listens to the needs of buyers, pays attention to the growth of buyers, creates value for buyers, and also promotes the national environmental protection cause has opened up new horizons in the industrial world. 4. How will the urea solution develop Know how to share the results at this stage, continue connecting to strictly demand inside yourself, ensure quality and supply, continue to learn, develop new technologies, improve production efficiency, optimize production processes, continuously improve yourself in practice, and gain new knowledge on a larger stage, Continue to maintain vitality, be curious about all new things, and keep learning, in order to continue adapting to this constantly changing world.

  • How to enter the market of AdBlue solution?

    How to enter the market of AdBlue solution?


    1. How is the recently development of AdBlue market 1. Nowadays, CHINA Ⅳ and CHINA Ⅴ has been carried out several years, almost diesel vehicles obtain SCR system. As CHINA Ⅵ is announced, the market of AdBlue solution will be optimized. 2. The CHINA Ⅳhas been implemented since April of 2013. The early stage of large scale Adblue manufactures has been developed, and it market becomes more and more competitive. The most competitive player in this industry is small scale manufactures which are found since 2 years. 3. The SCR system becomes maturity under the development of  CHINA Ⅳ, CHINA Ⅴ and CHINA Ⅵ. The emission is under a strictly quality control, and more Adblue solution will be consumed. The quality factor becomes the most important, and worse performance manufacture will be eliminated. 4. The big challenge is comming. More entrepreneurs are focusing on Adblue market because more AdBlue demand under government policy. 2. How is further the development of Adblue Market The early stage big scale manufactures have their advantages in the market, such as supply chain, chain of dispenser stations, all kinds of retail and wholesale markets and truck clubs. A plenty of small scale manufactures are found, and it is directly effecting the whole market. However, its cover small distribution. Finally, the market becomes regionalization. Online market is not widely supplying Adblue because of product restriction. The main function is advertising and reputation. Therefore, the main transaction is offline trading. There are two main roles in this business, which is regional distributor and factory outlet. Factory outlet is most because of regionalization. 3. How to enter the Adblue market Diesel vehicles in CHINA Ⅲwill be eliminated rapidly after the CHINA Ⅵ standard are implement. It is a good moment to enter the market. Layman is recommend to sign a contract of distribution partner with well-known enterprise .This is option that steady and positive as well as brand reputation. The manufacture will provide technical and production support, it is helpful for maximizing market. Huge different pricing depends on brand positioning. Therefore, multiple brands with different pricing market is suggested. Adblue solution is a supplement with all kinds of vehicle accessories, such as diesel engine oil, glass cleanser, antifreeze solution and vehicle services. All kinds of production are advised for diversification product and service. 4. How to self-manufacturing Adblue Investors should enter the market with Adblue production. Self-manufacturing is decided as long as achieve amount of sales in order to decrease the cost. The best option: cooperation with well-known manufacture, and establish branch company or branch factory. The steady option: franchise with company who obtain production of machine and solution. High Risk: Self purchase and self-manufacturing 5. Attentions Do not purchase Adblue manufacture machine indi...

  • Announcement of the Sixth Emission Standard for Light Vehicles

    Announcement of the Sixth Emission Standard for Light Vehicles


    Announcement on the adjustment of relevant requirements for the implementation of the sixth emission standard for light vehicles. Since July 1, 2020, the national six emission standards for light vehicles will be implemented nationwide, and light vehicles with the national five emission standards will be banned from production. Imported vehicles shall meet the national six emission standards. As the main body responsible for the conformity management of environmental protection production, automobile production and import enterprises shall, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, disclose vehicle emission inspection information and pollution control technical information before the products leave the factory or the goods enter the country, so as to ensure compliance with the emission standards. EverBlue Chem has always been committed to reducing diesel vehicle exhaust emissions by providing high quality AdBlue solution for the driver and contributing to environmental protection!

  • The Effect of using low quality diesel exhaust fluid/urea solution

    The Effect of using low quality diesel exhaust fluid/urea solution


    Inferior urea is a class of products with many impurities, whose quality does not meet the quality standards of automotive urea solution. 1. The most common content of impurities are biuret, aldehydes and insolubles, which will block the SCR system and damage the nozzles, filters and other parts. 2. In addition, the metal ions in the impurities have a toxic effect on the catalyst of the SCR system, which affects the efficiency of catalytic reduction. This damage is irreversible. 3. In the end, the deposits generated after the burning of the inferior urea solution not only cause blockage, but also reduce the life of the catalyst. And the low concentration of urea solution will also affect the conversion rate of nox, which lead the fast consumption of the urea solution. At the same time, the crystallization point of the urea solution is unstable, which will also block the pipes, nozzles and urea pump. the unsteady low quality urea crystalization block the urea tank. How to avoid unqualified urea? 1. Raw materials meet the ISO22241 standard (AGU) 2. The production process is up to ISO22241 standard 3. Strictly follow the storage and transportation standards, use within the shelf life, observe the color of product before use, and detect the concentration, etc. the low quality urea lead the toxic three-way catalytic which is irrversible How to choose high quality urea solution 1. Choose a big brand 2. Look at the inspection report, ingredient list, quality standards and certification 3. Look at the production date and shelf life 4. Look at the appearance: transparent and pure, with a light blue color. Such as yellow or turbid color, or impurities and foreign matter in the solution, are all substandard products. 5. Use a concentration detector to detect: the concentration is 32.5% Distinguish the quality by brand,we have ISO,SGS and VDA certificate,choose us for better service.

  • What is AdBlue® ?

    What is AdBlue® ?


    What is AdBlue®? AdBlue ® is a high purity 32.5% urea solution for vehicles, mainly used as a reducing agent for diesel engine vehicles. The application of AdBlue ® in selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology can significantly reduce the emissions of particulate matter and nitrogen oxides (NOx) to meet the requirements of Euro IV, Euro V and euro VI emission standards. The AdBlue ® brand is owned by the German automobile industry association (VDA), which manages the manufacturer through an operating licensing system. The brand value of AdBlue ® lies in the high quality of each manufacturer.

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