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  • The results of using adblue emulator and low quality adblue

    The results of using adblue emulator and low quality adblue


    如果我们在车辆上使用低质量的adblue,将给车辆SCR系统带来非常严重的影响,并且维修成本更高。 如果我们使用的权利在开始时就意味着优质的adblue,那么这将不会发生。 那么为什么我们仅仅因为价格便宜而选择劣质产品,然后为这种错误的选择付出更多的代价。 考虑损失。我们为这个不合理的决定花了太多时间和金钱。 了解不良产品给我们的车辆和环境带来的不利影响。 让我们从现在开始使用高质量的adblue,再次开始永远不会太晚。 相信自己,走正确的路。我们将通过提供优质的产品和周到的服务为您提供帮助。 请随时与我们联系,我们在这里为您服务。

  • What is AdBlue® ?

    What is AdBlue® ?


    What is AdBlue®? AdBlue ® is a high purity 32.5% urea solution for vehicles, mainly used as a reducing agent for diesel engine vehicles. The application of AdBlue ® in selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology can significantly reduce the emissions of particulate matter and nitrogen oxides (NOx) to meet the requirements of Euro IV, Euro V and euro VI emission standards. The AdBlue ® brand is owned by the German automobile industry association (VDA), which manages the manufacturer through an operating licensing system. The brand value of AdBlue ® lies in the high quality of each manufacturer.

  • Regular maintenance of vehicles

    Regular maintenance of vehicles


    The problem of vehicle failure caused by AdBlue crystallization is a pain that many users have experienced, in fact,this is partly due to user maintenance and misuse.                          The following are several routine maintenance; 1. It is necessary to fill the diesel and AdBlue / DEF / Urea solution produced by regular manufacturers, excessive impurities and other component problems may damage the catalytic converter; 2. Regular replacement of urea filter, gas-driven urea pump, air-assisted urea pump also regularly replace the air filter; 3. The inside of the AdBlue tank is easy to accumulate impurity deposits and crystallization, so to be regularly cleaned, while the outside of the urea tank should also pay attention to cleaning, especially around the lid of the tank, do not let the booty fall into the tank when filling; 4. AdBlue nozzles, lines, etc. will also appear crystal clogging phenomenon, it is recommended that users in accordance with the manufacturer's recommended maintenance cycle to the service station for inspection and maintenance. EverBlue Chemicals also provide the high quality standard AdBlue products , efficient after-sales service and professional scr system maintenance team with one-stop diesel vehicles service for customers to use at ease.

  • Where to buy high purity low biuret VDA certified Adblue

    Where to buy high purity low biuret VDA certified Adblue


    The urea solution market began about decade years ago,especially in the Europe,there are many good company in the world,with VDA certification,like Bluebasic from Italy,obtain very good reputation among the customers,it is the leader of the urea solution and even in the equipment field their dispenser is widely used in the gas station,and they provide OEM for Basf company. We are located in Guangzhou,South China,we are the only four company of Adblue® supplier with VDA certification,and we introduce the most advanced manufacturing process from Australia and high quality control system in the Chemicals Industry. We become branch of Bluebasic since 2017,in oder to catch up with the high quality urea solution production we build our own factory and put many effort into the R&D department,we hope one day we can be the leader of Asia-Pacific area for Environment protection. We will keep this hope and work together to realize our great mission,by produce high quality urea solution for SCR system,and create more value into our company and our brand,through providing high level service for our customer and solve their problem with no delay. Guangzhou Everblue Chemicals Company also provide Adblue® production machine for the truck fleed or transportation company,they can produce Adblue® by themselves,and we can provide industrial grade urea if they buy machine from us,we can work together for cleaner air and bluer sky,the machine is easy operation.Since we have more than five years about the machine project,we have mature team to provide immidieate service and solve customer's after-sale problem by remote assistance,we have online monitoring system of production process.We can feedback the specific data and record every batch Adblue® samples for later checking. After so many years' experience in this field,you can rely on our quality and choose us as your Adblue® supplier with no hesitation. Now we have new packaging of 1.89L Adblue® and 15L Adblue® for sale,with high quality and competitive price,they are very hot in the market now,you will not want to miss them.

  • How to make Adblue-All-in-one producing unit

    How to make Adblue-All-in-one producing unit


    Easy to produce AdBlue® when you make use of this production machine: each time put in 33kg urea granulers,click start production button,it will automatically dissolve with the ultra water(which from either raw water or after pretreatment process high purity water) Stirring for completely dissolve,every batch need 10 minutes approximately,then we can get the high purity urea solution. click the link below to watch the video: https://youtu.be/XvWPAq3j6JM Please contact us for more details about how to produce high purity adblue with our machine. We have 30/150/300 tons production capacity for our customer's choice. easy to operate and steady production capacity of 30/150/300 tons per month for customer's choice. we have background cloud monitoring to solve customer's after-sale problem with remote assistance. this machine will save production/installation/maintenance cost with easy operation.

  • What is AdBlue®-reduce NOX Emissions by up to 80%

    What is AdBlue®-reduce NOX Emissions by up to 80%


    Diesel engine exhaust treatment fluid (commonly known as: car urea, car urea, car environmental urea), known as AdBlue® in China and Europe, DEF in the Americas, and ARLA32 in Brazil. AdBlue® is composed of a high content of 32.5% A high-purity transparent liquid composed of pure urea and 67.5% deionized water, with a faint smell of ammonia. AdBlue® If splashed, the water evaporates and forms crystals. AdBlue® is used in cars, trucks, buses and heavy off-road diesel engine vehicles equipped with SCR (vehicle selective catalytic reduction exhaust aftertreatment) system. It is a consumable that must be used in SCR technology. The harmful nitrogen oxides emitted by diesel engines are converted into harmless water vapor and nitrogen. The main components of the SCR system include the catalyst, AdBlue® injection device, AdBlue® container and AdBlue® dose controller. Almost all heavy vehicle manufacturers in Europe, the United States and Asia, including China, also equip vehicles with selective catalytic reduction systems and AdBlue® working fluids to meet new nitrogen oxide emission standards (such as Euro IV and Euro V) Under the combined effect of SCR technology, it can optimize engine performance and fuel consumption, reduce diesel consumption by up to 6%, and significantly reduce costs. The average consumption of AdBlue® is 5% of the general diesel consumption, which is about 1.5 liters per 100 kilometers of highway driving. AdBlue® can only be used to configure the engine combination of the SCR system because it is neither a fuel nor a fuel additive. AdBlue® implements the standards within ISO22241, DIN70070 and CEFIC regulations to ensure the effective operation of the SCR system. AdBlue® is not harmful to the environment and is classified as the lowest risk transportable liquid.

  • New Arrival 1.89L/0.5 Gallon Package AdBlue®

    New Arrival 1.89L/0.5 Gallon Package AdBlue®


    For the AdBlue® growing demand of small diesel cars, we now launching the new package 1.89L(1/2 Gallon) for Peugeot, Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Citroën, BMW, Renault, DS... Located in Guangzhou Zengcheng Economic and Technological Development Zone, Guangzhou EverBlue Chemicals Co., Ltd., is one of the earliest manufacturers in China to start research, development and production of AdBlue®/DEF products. Our products and services include diesel vehicle exhaust gas treatment fluid (AdBlue®/DEF), AdBlue® production machine, AdBlue® filling machines and SCR system fault diagnosis and maintenance services. EverBlue Chemicals is a sub-branch of BlueBasic Group, which specializes in the production and distribution of AdBlue®. BlueBasic brand has a worldwide reputation, and we always provide the best urea solution for the customers. 

  • Development prospects of automotive urea solution

    Development prospects of automotive urea solution


    With the rapid development of the automobile industry, automobile exhaust emissions have become a problem that cannot be ignored in the current environment. How to deal with the increasingly severe air pollution has become the subject of our discussion. First let's look at a set of data: According to statistics, during the fifteen years from 2003 to 2018, the total number of private cars in China increased nearly 6 times, and motor vehicles emitted 44,000 tons of carbon monoxide, equivalent to 46 times the carbon monoxide emissions of industrial enterprises. The central point of the main traffic roads in the urban area exceeded 65% of carbon monoxide by more than twice the standard. At the peak of traffic flow, the concentration of carbon monoxide in some monitoring points was as high as 70mg per cubic meter, which was 6 times above the standard. At the railway station where the traffic is relatively concentrated, the average value of NOx measurement points is 0.059mg per cubic meter, which is 0.18 times higher than the standard. The economic losses caused by environmental pollution in 2018 rose to 511.8 billion yuan, more than doubled, accounting for 3.05% of GDP. Among them, the environmental cost of air pollution was 219.80 billion yuan, accounting for 42.9% of the total cost. It can be seen that environmental pollution not only brings huge losses to the economy, but also more seriously harms human health and brings hidden dangers to our future social development. In today's society where automobiles are prevalent, we must pay attention to the treatment of automobile exhaust emissions, increase the frequency of the use of urea solutions for vehicles, increase the public's attention to urea solutions for vehicles, and popularize filling equipment for urea solutions at various gas stations. Individuals devote themselves to environmental protection at the same time as daily convenience. Guangzhou Everblue Chemicals Company provide professional automotive exhaust treatment solutions, high-purity automotive urea solutions, the products provided are internationally certified, meet quality standard of ISO22241,DIN70070,obtained the ISO,SGS,VDA certifications,and only by using high-quality environmentally-friendly automotive urea solutions can we truly achieve the purpose of environmental protection, thereby improving the problem of air pollution. Work together for a better environment!

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