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  • New packaging design of the AdBlue production machine

    New packaging design of the AdBlue production machine


                                                          New packaging design of the AdBlue production machine on the market.We provide two capacity by this design : 200L/h and 550L/h .   The Bluebasic EBR550 plant is a containerized solution designed to produce AdBlue according to ISO 22241, meeting with the highest standards of quality and according to VDA requirements with a maximum production capacity of 5,500.00L/Day. The EBR550 production plant consists of four independent units: 1. Demineralization unit. 2. AdBlue production unit. 3. Screw feeding unit. 4. Filling machine for bottles.   EverBlue Chem also provide the more larger capacity according the customer’s demand ,such as MPE-001 with capacity 3000L/H which made in Italy. For more information please feel free to contact us.

  • What is AdBlue® Emulators

    What is AdBlue® Emulators


    A business had been found using an AdBlue® emulator to one of its vehicles, which the transport commissioner described as being equal to "using a magnet to interrupt a tachograph". AdBlue® is a fluid that is injected into diesel exhaust gas and which at high temperatures turns to ammonia and carbon dioxide, which helps to convert NOx into nitrogen and water. Vehicles in frequent use can require the fluid, which is contained in a tank adjacent to the diesel fuel tank, to be topped up regularly. The fitting of the emulator device returned the vehicle's NOx emissions to Euro III standard and would have increased the vehicle's emissions by two and a half times at the worst. The long-term non-operation of SCR system will cause the remaining urea crystals to block the pipes and nozzles, and the long-term lack of liquid soaking will reduce the life of the parts in SCR system or even damage, and the catalyst will lose its catalytic effect. The cost of components is much higher than the cost of using AdBlue®, which actually increases the cost of drivers.

  • New Arrivals 10 ltrs DEF Package for Spanish Market

    New Arrivals 10 ltrs DEF Package for Spanish Market


    For the Spanish-speaking market, EverBlue Chemicals is now launching a new Spanish and English bilingual product carton package of 10 Liters. Combining the environmental protection concept of our products, the color matching is blue and green. Located in Guangzhou Zengcheng Economic and Technological Development Zone, Guangzhou EverBlue Chemical Co., Ltd., is one of the earliest manufacturers in China to start research , development and production of automotive energy-saving AdBlue/DEF products. It is a national high-tech and a technological innovation enterprise in Guangzhou. The products and services include diesel vehicle exhaust gas treatment fluid (AdBlue/DEF), AdBlue production machine, various filling machines and SCR system fault diagnosis and maintenance services. EverBlue Chem is a major member of the BlueBasic Group, which specializes in the production and distribution of AdBlue. The BlueBasic brand has a worldwide reputation and is known worldwide. And we always provide the best urea solution for the customer.

  • The lastest SGS report of AdBlue® of EverBlue®

    The lastest SGS report of AdBlue® of EverBlue®


    Guangzhou EverBlue Chemicals Co.,Ltd has more than 9 years experience of AdBlue production, as well as the sub-branch of BlueBasic Italian company. Our main product includes AdBlue liquid, AdBlue dispenser, AdBlue production machine, SCR accessories etc. Here is our latest SGS report.

  • The Change of AdBlue® Dispensing

    The Change of AdBlue® Dispensing


    It has been ten years since the implementation of Euro IV; Because of the use of AdBlue®, diesel emissions of heavy duty vehicles had been reduced. Nowadays, more and more vehicles being replaced with new models that now had to make use of the emission reducing technology. Most fleets of lorries, buses and coaches are almost entirely made up of those using AdBlue®. The increase in use of AdBlue® has changed the type of equipment which is used to refill such vehicles. In the early days, if a new truck requiried AdBlue®, it wasn’t always worth investing in an electric AdBlue® dispenser. Although it would have made the process cleaner and quicker, it came at a cost that often made pouring the fluid into the vehicle straight out of a plastic container. However, as more vehicles were replaced and the proportion of vehicles in a fleet that need AdBlue®, the demand of electric pumps grew quickly.

  • Several reasons why the AdBlue® lamp lights up

    Several reasons why the AdBlue® lamp lights up


    If the diesel truck has an SCR system, it must use AdBlue® to meet the exhaust emissions. The AdBlue® lamp still shows if the AdBlue® is used, which may be caused by the following reasons: There are several reasons for this: 1. The content of impurities in AdBlue® exceeds the standard and is unqualified. 2. AdBlue® was contaminated twice during the filling process and resulting in impurities exceeding the standard. 3. AdBlue® storage temperature is too high then resulting in decreased AdBlue® quality 4. The use of poor quality AdBlue® has caused blockage of nozzles and conduits in SCR systems and it cannot normally spray AdBlue®. 5. AdBlue® tank is lower than the forbidden line and AdBlue® needs to be added. EverBlue Chemical always provide the high quality AdBlue® for the user.

  • The Importance of Using Qualified AdBlue®

    The Importance of Using Qualified AdBlue®


    AdBlue® is becoming increasingly prominent in diesel market, with more and more vehicles, machinery and equipment being legally required to use it. For the vehicle owners and companies with fleets, AdBlue® is another overhead they now have to cover. Vehicles that without AdBlue® cannot run properly; when the tank is empty, engine power will gradually be reduced to up to 60% of its normal level. AdBlue® contains high-purity, synthetically produced urea in de-mineralised water, which cannot be made under anything but extremely pure, to ensure that production meets the strict AdBlue® quality standards of ISO 22241-1. The SCR systems that utilise AdBlue® Diesel Exhaust Fluid are extremely sensitive to any impurities in the urea solution; with even the smallest quantities of impurities severely damaging it. Most vehicle and equipment manufacturers will not support warranty claims if AdBlue® not conforming to ISO standards is utilised. Therefore, users should purchase from genuine suppliers, as the expensive costs associated with the damaged SCR system much outweighs the purchasing costs of real AdBlue®. Additionally, users should not purchase cheaper, unbranded versions of “AdBlue®”. Not only this may cause damage if impurities are present, there have been cases where diluted down AdBlue® has been sold. Diluted solutions are likely to increase consumption rates, making it in the long run more expensive.

  • The function of AdBlue®/DEF/SCR Urea Solution/AUS32

    The function of AdBlue®/DEF/SCR Urea Solution/AUS32


    Nowadays environmental emission is becoming more and more strict, diesel vehicles will naturally become less than before, which basically there are only large trucks and lorries using diesel. Here let's give you a general idea of what AdBlue®/DEF/SCR Urea Solution/AUS32 does for cars. AdBlue®/DEF/SCR Urea Solution/AUS32 is used in diesel exhaust selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems, the nitrogen oxides (NOx) in tail gas is catalytically reduced into harmless nitrogen gas (N2) and water (H ₂O). General speaking, it is to reduce the NOx in the exhaust in the diesel engine,which can achieve the effect of energy conservation and environmental protection. However, it should be noted that usually we can see the remain amount of AdBlue®/DEF/SCR Urea Solution/AUS32 in the automobile instrument. When the remain amount is less than 20%, we should add AdBlue®/DEF/SCR Urea Solution/AUS32 as soon as possible to avoid the lacking of it in driving, otherwise the system will limit the operation of the engine, and the exhaust pollution will become more serious. Also some people will ask that if the AdBlue®/DEF/SCR Urea Solution/AUS32 is harmful to human body. First of all, AdBlue®/DEF/SCR Urea Solution/AUS32 is made up of 32.5% pure urea and 67.5% deionized water. You know, our body produces urea itself, so it doesn't matter if we touch it. However, in the condition of high temperature, AdBlue®/DEF/SCR Urea Solution/AUS32 is easy to dissociate with ammonia gas, and ammonia gas has a certain corrosive effect. Under the long-term contact with it, the skin is likely to appear pigmentation or ulcer phenomenon. So when we touch with AdBlue®/DEF/SCR Urea Solution/AUS32, we should rinse it with water as soon as possible.

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