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Diesel Exhaust Fluid Urea Solution


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How to make Adblue-All-in-one producing unit

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How to make Adblue-All-in-one producing unit


Easy to produce AdBlue® when you make use of this production machine:

each time put in 33kg urea granulers,click start production button,it will automatically dissolve with the ultra water(which from either raw water or after pretreatment process high purity water)

Stirring for completely dissolve,every batch need 10 minutes approximately,then we can get the high purity urea solution.

click the link below to watch the video:


Please contact us for more details about how to produce high purity adblue with our machine.

We have 30/150/300 tons production capacity for our customer's choice.

everblue all-in-one adblue production machine

easy to operate and steady production capacity of 30/150/300 tons per month for customer's choice.

english version operate interface and cloud monitoring

we have background cloud monitoring to solve customer's after-sale problem with remote assistance.

this machine will save production/installation/maintenance cost with easy operation.

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