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Diesel Exhaust Fluid Urea Solution


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Intelligent Mobile AdBlue® Dispenser

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Intelligent Mobile AdBlue® Dispenser

Professional urea solution filling machine, mobile equipment, quantitative filling, intelligent filling machine, optional plastic filling gun and 304 stainless steel filling gun, quality tested and affordable.
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    Guangdong, China
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    Huangpu, Guangzhou
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    7 days after payment
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Item: Intelligent Mobile AdBlue®  Dispenser

Professional urea solution filling equipment, mobile filling machine, easy to carry, guaranteed quality and cost-effective. The larger the quantity, the more realistic the price.

 Function description

 Ration/non-quantitative filling, Anti-overflow automatic nozzle ,

 Computer controlled ,Large liquid crystal display

 Urea pump , Urea flowmeter, Stainless steel solenoid valve,  Urea hose
 Unit price setting range:
 Flow range:
 30-40 L/M
 Max pressure:

 0.25 MPa

  •        With filtration system to purify urea solution and improve injection precision
  •        Wide range application scenario, it can use outdoor and waterproof
  •        Using good liquidity turbine pulse flow meter
  •        With hook, easy to install and move
  •        Transparent panel, clear and good looking

widely used in urea solution filling process:

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