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Unattended Self-service AdBlue® Diesel Exhaust Fluid Dispenser With Shell

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Unattended Self-service AdBlue® Diesel Exhaust Fluid Dispenser With Shell

EB-Shell-2000L Unattended Self-service AdBlue® Dispenser with shell, supports WeChat, Alipay, IC card payment, small ticket printing, comes with 2 ton heat retaining storage tank.
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    Guangdong, China
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    Huangpu, Guangzhou
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    7 days after payment
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EB-Shell-2000L Unattended Self-service AdBlue® Dispenser with shell

Basic Parameters

Basic Configuration


AdBlue Dispenser






1 pc



IC Card Payment System

1 set



Wechat, Alipay Payment System

1 set

Flow Range


High Precision Gear Flowmeter

1 pc

Ambient Temperature


Self-priming Pump

1 pc

Relative Humidity


Steel Wire Explosion-proof Filling Tube

10 m



Self-sealing Nozzle (stainless steel)

1 pc

Measurement Accuracy


Precision Filter Unit (with filter element)

1 set

Repeatability Error


Small Ticket Printing

1 set

WeChat / Alipay filling steps


1. Scan the device payment code and pay.


2. When the payment amount show in the amount column, use nozzle and fill AdBlue®.


3. Filling completed, hang the nozzle. (Remaining amount will return to your payment account automatically)


4. If need small ticket, press the “Print” button.


IC card filling steps


1. Open the cover and insert IC card

a: Use nozzle to fill AdBlue® freely

b: Press the “Mode” button to choose filling method, input payment amount or amount of AdBlue® then press “Confirm” button. Use the filling nozzle.


2. Hang the nozzle, IC card will pop up automatically.


3. If need small ticket, press "Print" button after pulling the card.


Please insert the card into the end after opening the cover.


  1. National first, technology leading, achieve real sense of unattended, self service filling.
  2. Relying on the powerful technology research and development capabilities, innovative development of matching filling machine cloud platform, you can log in to the cloud platform management to view the operation status and geographical location of each device, and achieve machine remote lock unlock functions.
  3. Support IC card recharge equipment to realize the same card in different places of the same company, provide the most convenient service for drivers.
  4. Full support for online payment, WeChat, Alipay payment, step into the cashless society in advance.
  5. Online payment, automatic refund function, payment without worry.
  6. Small ticket printing, solve the reimbursement troubles.

Appearance text patterns can be customized according to customer needs!

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