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Where to buy high purity low biuret VDA certified Adblue

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Where to buy high purity low biuret VDA certified Adblue


The urea solution market began about decade years ago,especially in the Europe,there are many good company in the world,with VDA certification,like Bluebasic from Italy,obtain very good reputation among the customers,it is the leader of the urea solution and even in the equipment field their dispenser is widely used in the gas station,and they provide OEM for Basf company.

We are located in Guangzhou,South China,we are the only four company of Adblue® supplier with VDA certification,and we introduce the most advanced manufacturing process from Australia and high quality control system in the Chemicals Industry.

We become branch of Bluebasic since 2017,in oder to catch up with the high quality urea solution production we build our own factory and put many effort into the R&D department,we hope one day we can be the leader of Asia-Pacific area for Environment protection.

We will keep this hope and work together to realize our great mission,by produce high quality urea solution for SCR system,and create more value into our company and our brand,through providing high level service for our customer and solve their problem with no delay.

Guangzhou Everblue Chemicals Company also provide Adblue® production machine for the truck fleed or transportation company,they can produce Adblue® by themselves,and we can provide industrial grade urea if they buy machine from us,we can work together for cleaner air and bluer sky,the machine is easy operation.Since we have more than five years about the machine project,we have mature team to provide immidieate service and solve customer's after-sale problem by remote assistance,we have online monitoring system of production process.We can feedback the specific data and record every batch Adblue® samples for later checking.

After so many years' experience in this field,you can rely on our quality and choose us as your Adblue® supplier with no hesitation.

Now we have new packaging of 1.89L Adblue® and 15L Adblue® for sale,with high quality and competitive price,they are very hot in the market now,you will not want to miss them.

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