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AdBlue Production Machine

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AdBlue Production Machine


Smart AdBlue Production Machine

The plant is conceived to deliver 1,000L/h of permeate stream with an electrical resistivity ≥10 MΩ.cm, starting from 2.0 m³/h of raw water with a maximum concentration of ions of about 800 mg/l (TDS) and conductivity is less than 1500µS/cm.

The entire system (demineralization and AdBlue production stages) is handled by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) which manages among other things:  Flow of permeate and concentrate streams based on electrical conductivity.  Quality of the product in accordance with the measurement of the weigh scales, the precision is 0.3%.  The PLC can be connected to the Internet, and all condition of the machine could be checked remotely by our engineers.

The scope of this phase is to filling AdBlue into 5L, 10L ,20L bottles by manual operation. The filling machine contains an IBC tank on a weight scales, a circulation pump, a spray nozzle. The filling machine is also connected to the main machine, which condition can be monitored by PLC. In this phase, the compressed air is needed to control the spray nozzle. The pressure of the compressed air: 4-6 bar. Capacity: 1000L per hour. Power: 370W.

Capacity:According to the customer needs to customize the output of the machine.

Application place:Large and medium sized gas stations,AdBlue filling stations,logistics parks,parking lots,high-speed service stations,fleet logistics companies,etc.


1.one key start,automatic running

2.control running,remote reminder

3.equipment control,fault query

4.automatic alarm,stock query

5.quality detect,capacity query

Advantages compared with traditional production unit

1.Reduce cost,small cover area,small investment,high return,distribute model from material to machine,far reduce the logistic cost compared with selling urea solution

2.Intelligent operation,one button start,high efficiency,one person operation,part time operation.

3.Brand and certification coverage,chain operation.like McDonald's and KFC,the same raw materials,the same equipment,the same production process,and ultimately produce the same quality AdBlue,simple management,repid reproduction.

4.Quality assurance,intelligent control production,modular,real-time online detect production process,Quality monitoring by internet cloud.

5.Quick and easy installation,it has quick interface,no need engineer to install in the factory,reduce installation cost.

AdBlue Production Machine

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