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How to purchase and distinguish satisfactory AdBlue solution?

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How to purchase and distinguish satisfactory AdBlue solution?


As the diesel fuels in Euro 4 and higher standard is available supplied in European, America and Asia. AdBlue is also available in almost petrol stations and retail shops of lubricants and additives.

There are over thousand brands of AdBlue solution is on sold in offline store and E-Business store, because its demand will be increase rapidly in the upcoming decay. More and more niche brands enter this industry. However, the selection of satisfactory AdBlue solution becomes a big problem for truck drivers and diesel car fans. There are so many SCR failure problems appeared.

The main reason of SCR failure is that poor quality of AdBlue solution consuming. The most failure is AdBlue Crystallization, blocking AdBlue tank and blocking spray.

The correct brand selection helps drivers to minimize SCR failure. Almost well-known brands of AdBlue solution have achieved ISO 22241 and VDA certificates. Do NOT purchase the AdBlue solution without these two certificates.

There are 3 major factors that distinguish a satisfactory AdBlue solution. The concentration of urea, aldehyde content and biuret content. The most important factor is the concentration, and it is not difficult to measure. The AdBlue solution refractometer is operated that use friendly and accurate. According to the ISO 22241, the concentration should be in a range of 31.8% - 33.2%. If the sample is out of this range, it should not be purchased. The sample test of aldehyde content and biuret content must be operated by professional laboratory.

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