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New Arrival 1.89L/0.5 Gallon Package AdBlue®

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New Arrival 1.89L/0.5 Gallon Package AdBlue®


For the AdBlue® growing demand of small diesel cars, we now launching the new package 1.89L(1/2 Gallon) for Peugeot, Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Citroën, BMW, Renault, DS...

Located in Guangzhou Zengcheng Economic and Technological Development Zone, Guangzhou EverBlue Chemicals Co., Ltd., is one of the earliest manufacturers in China to start research, development and production of AdBlue®/DEF products.

Our products and services include diesel vehicle exhaust gas treatment fluid (AdBlue®/DEF), AdBlue® production machine, AdBlue® filling machines and SCR system fault diagnosis and maintenance services. EverBlue Chemicals is a sub-branch of BlueBasic Group, which specializes in the production and distribution of AdBlue®. BlueBasic brand has a worldwide reputation, and we always provide the best urea solution for the customers. 

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