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The Change of AdBlue® Dispensing

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The Change of AdBlue® Dispensing


It has been ten years since the implementation of Euro IV; Because of the use of AdBlue®, diesel emissions of heavy duty vehicles had been reduced. Nowadays, more and more vehicles being replaced with new models that now had to make use of the emission reducing technology. Most fleets of lorries, buses and coaches are almost entirely made up of those using AdBlue®. The increase in use of AdBlue® has changed the type of equipment which is used to refill such vehicles.

In the early days, if a new truck requiried AdBlue®, it wasn’t always worth investing in an electric AdBlue® dispenser. Although it would have made the process cleaner and quicker, it came at a cost that often made pouring the fluid into the vehicle straight out of a plastic container. However, as more vehicles were replaced and the proportion of vehicles in a fleet that need AdBlue®, the demand of electric pumps grew quickly.
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